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‘No More Falling Soldiers’

Veteran soldiers investigate.

What happens to Military personnel leaving the Armed Forces?

Who is helping them?

‘We have been in discussions since 2015 with various Networks on making a 90min documentary about the struggles of our Veteran soldiers upon leaving the Military.

We have been banging our heads against the institutional snobbery and lack of faith in independent film makers outside of the BBC / C4 commissioning niche, for years and years.

We want authentic Veteran’s Voices investigating the “Armed Forces Covenant?” and why are Charities left to take the strain helping war damaged ex servicemen and women

We now aim to self-fund the films we are determined to make – on our terms. No more Network Celebrity culture distortions, no more films as media career vehicles. We want truly authentic voices and perspectives funded and produced without editorial priorities imposed by the broadcasters.


Inside RAF Brize Norton’currently the best performing Ob-Doc on Sky1HD.

Dog City‘ nominated in ‘Best Festival Film’ category at the 6th MVSA, Music Video & Screen Awards (The Black International Film Festival).


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