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Jayce Lewis-music

Jayce Lewis´s solo career began in late 2008 starting with his first ever release – Icon. Music channel giants -VH1 and MTV picked up Jayce and named him ‘Artist of the Month.Mid 2009 saw Jayce gaining vast interest on British soil.His new Album was released on October 11th 2010 in Europe and Asia – 1 month after release the album charted Top 10 in the M-Music Asian Charts.November 2013 Jayce Lewis agreed a re brand and now operates under the new name ‘Protafield’. His new album ‘Nemesis’ features a list of guest appearances including Roger Taylor (Queen), Gary Numan, and Lance Henriksen (Aliens) to name a few….”He’s been one of the best and most loved acts I’ve ever had out on the road with me” Gary NumanView Video.

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