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A compelling ‘inside view’ of the Royal Air Force at their largest  base in the world.
A 7 x 60min observational documentary series with unbridled access – never before granted by the MoD. We spent six months with the men and women based at RAF Brize Norton as they flew around the world to destinations including Afghanistan, Cyprus and The Falklands; delivering troops, cargo and dealing with emergency situations worldwide.

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Nominated in ‘Best Festival Film’ category at the 6th MVSA, Movie Video and Screen Awards (The Black International Film Festival), 2012. Full length drama feature, filmed during the London riots in 2011. Two young black friends from inner city London help two young white men, out of their depth in ‘Dog City’; but their good deed brings a set of unexpected responsibilities.
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Jayce Lewis; relatively unknown in his native Wales, is a rock star in India. As he prepares for a tour of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, how will he cope with life on the road and the adulation of thousands of Indian fans?





Enzo Calzaghe; the enigmatic father and trainer of world boxing champion Joe Calzaghe, adjusts to life after the retirement of his son; whilst facing the challenge of finding the next world champion.View full series.





Agent Ian Franklin teams up with top comic Rudi Lickwood to find Wales’ newest comedy talent. With a £30,000 contract up for grabs the stakes are high.View full programme.



Successful agent Ian Franklin runs The Comedy Club.We follow a year of trials and tribulations as he tries to expand his comedy empire whilst keeping demanding comics happy.View full programme.





Ashley Revell is obsessed with gambling. He decided to sell all his worldly possessions and go for the ultimate bet; putting everything on one spin of the roulette wheel in Las Vegas. Here’s what happened.View Trailer.





Following the welsh ‘hunt’ community in what became the final season before hunting was banned. How did they face the reality of losing their livelihoods and way of life?View full series.

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